Within BaltCoast, the following deliverables and milestones are being produced:

Status Deliverable name Delivery date (month)
Website established 2015 June
Concept to include cost-effectiveness approach into SAF 2016 Mar
Re-analysis reports covering the re-analysis studies 2016 Mar
1st periodic report 2016 May
Retrospective assessment of a managed coastal realignment and lagoon restoration measure: The Geltinger Birk, Germany 2016 May
Final indicator spread sheet tool 2016 May
1st summer school, Klaipeda, Lithuania 2016 July
Report on methodology steps up to ‘Formulation’ 2016 Sept
Joint paper re-analysis study results 2016 Sept
Coastal management photo competition 2016 Sept
Publication on indicator application results 2016 Nov
Measure implementation: policy choice & cost-effectiveness 2017 Mar
Final preference spread sheet tool 2017 Mar
2nd periodic report 2017 May
2nd summer school, Riga, Latvia 2017 July
Report on rest up to ‘Output’ and ‘Implementation’ 2017 Sept
Assessment of developed SAF at various scales and scenarios 2017 Sept
Publication on preference & participation tool application 2017 Sept

Compiled report on the integration of socio-economics indicators within existing policies

2017 Sept
CSS experiences and interview videos 2017 Sept
Implementation concept for solutions for all CSS 2017 Dec
Public glossy magazine on SAF and applications 2017 Dec
CSS upload to databases 2018 Jan
User-friendly SAF including new tools: itemised manual 2018 Feb
E-learning material and short online course 2018 Feb
Evolved methods including new tools (paper) 2018 Mar
Scientific publications on case studies 2018 Mar
Synthesis of policy implementation results from SAF applications 2018 Mar
6 articles in national/international newsletters 2018 Mar
3rd periodic report 2018 May
Final scientific report 2018 May



Status Milestone name Expected date (month)
1st project meeting, kick-off, Warnemünde, Germany 2015 April
Training Workshop for project partners 2015 April
Updated dissemination and media concept 2015 May
Socio-economic questionnaire for re-analysis studies 2015 July
1st stakeholder workshops in each CSS (altogether 6) 2015 Sept
1st indicator spread sheet tool 2015 Sept
Joint scenarios of change 2015 Nov
2nd Project meeting & end users, Tallinn, Estonia 2016 Jan
1st Preference & participation spread sheet tool 2016 Jan
3rd Project meeting & end users, Kopenhagen, Denmark 2016 Nov
Training material used in 4 MSc courses 2017 Mar
2nd stakeholder workshops in each CSS (altogether 6) 2017 Sept
4th Project meeting & end users, Gdansk, Poland 2017 Nov
Training Workshop for end-users 2017 Nov
Foundation of a durable Baltic ICM-network 2017 Dec