Blue Sofa Interviews

For BONUS BaltCoast, EUCC-Germany continued its movie series Blue Sofa, since it was started to invite the experts in spring 2016. They talk about ICZM, the SAF approach and key aspects of case study areas. Young scientists deliver insights into their research topics.

Raimonds Ernsteins (Latvian University) about optimizing coastal governance.

Grzegorz Rozynski (Polish Academy of Sciences) states how Vistula Lagoon can be invigorated economically, a process within BaltCoast.

Hannes Tonnisen (Tallin University) about beeing prepared for flooding and coastal erosion due to storm surges in Pärnu Bay (Estonia).

Grete Dinesen (Technical University of Denmark) explains her project in BaltCOAST: model the changing cod fisheries in Danish waters and its connection to climate change.

Gerald Schernewski is project coordinator. He explains how the principles of integrated coastal zone management are implemented in BaltCoast within six case studies for sustainable development in the Baltic Sea Region.

Toma Mingelaite supervises a mixed student group from Klaipeda University at the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research in Warnemünde and explains what makes such an international and interdisciplinary course special.

René Friedland is an ecosystem modeller and explains how mussel farming may be used to increase water transparency in the Szczecin Lagoon, and how the systems approach framework is a wonderful tool to improve communication and prevent negative outcomes.

Egle Baltranaite explains how the systems approach framework is applied in plans to reopen beaches at the Curonian Lagoon with sufficient bathing water quality by involving stakeholders from research, local communities, national parks, and NGOs.

Jacobus Hofstede about the acceptance and practical application of the principles of integrated coastal zone management in the field of coastal protection.

Donalda Karnauskaite is a PhD student working on sustainability indicators within the BaltCoast project. These are used as evaluation tool withing the systems approach framework.

Johanna Schumacher is a young scientist in the BaltCoast project. She is developing tools for stakeholder involvement and perception evaluation that can be used in the systems approach framework.

Anna-Lucia Buer is focusing her work within BaltCoast on bathing water quality in the Curonian Lagoon.

Miguel Inacio is working as PhD student in assessing ecosystem services within the BaltCoast project.

Luca Meyers is working on mussel farming and the cultivation of zebra mussels to improve water quality and use the mussels economically. He is PhD student in the BaltCoast project.