Systems Approach Framework (SAF)

Contact person: Josianne St√łttrup

From the last decades until present days coastal areas have been one of the most pressured ecosystems on Earth and this has created continuous threats to the environment, ultimately translated into impacts that needed to be managed in order to protect the oceans and regional seas.

One of these management responses is the Systems Approach Framework (SAF), developed within the SPICOSA project by 54 research institutes and universities across European Union. The SAF was further developed within the BONUS BaltCoast project to provide a user-friendly, highly applicable, step-wise approach for resolving complex issues in coastal systems.

The SAF provides several tools and methods to enable a multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary approach to management, with stakeholder participation throughout the process.

The SAF is what you need if you want to improve ecological sustainability, economic efficiency, and social equity.

Fig. The SAF in the socio-economic context and the role of external forcings and changes (click image for full size)