Stakeholder Preference Tool

Contact person: Johanna Schumacher

The Stakeholder Preference Tool developed within BONUS BaltCoast serves as a supporting tool for the Systems Approach Framework. The methodology builds upon the DeCyDe-for-Sustainability tool that was developed by ISOTECH Ltd Environmental Research and Consultancy within the framework of the INTERREG IVC project SUSTAIN. However, the Stakeholder Preference Tool provides more flexibility and is able to be applied in a variety of coastal issue. It can be used in the Issue Identification step to assess stakeholder preferences and determine success criteria. Thereby, it helps to guide a discussion among stakeholders on a specific topic and allows to express what is important to them. For this, various parameters are inserted into a weighting matrix and compared pairwise in a moderated discussion. Repeating the exercise in the System Assessment step can help to assess how stakeholder perception changed over time.

The spreadsheet-based Stakeholder Preference Tool together with its application guidelines can be found here.

Further application examples within the scope of the Systems Approach Framework are published in:

Schumacher J., Schernewski G., Bielecka M., Loizides M.I., Loizidou X.I. (2018) Methodologies to support coastal management - A stakeholder preference and planning tool and its application. Mar. Policy 94: 150-157.