Scientific Advisory Board

BaltCoast has a permanent board of external experts, the Scientific Advisory Board. Members are leading experts from different disciplines, who actively accompany the project and partnership meetings. 

  • Dr. Denis Bailly (France, expert in SAF, coastal & marine economics and sustainability)
  • Res. Dir. Dr. Valerie Cummins (Ireland, expert in coastal governance, public participation & capacity building)
  • Prof. Dr. Tom Hopkins (USA, expert in SAF and integrated modelling)
  • Res. Dir. Dr. Eirik Mikkelsen (Norway, expert in social sciences, industrial & regional economics)
  • Prof. Dr. Alice Newton (Portugal/Norway, expert on coastal systems, ICM-training & capacity building)
  • Prof. Dr. Francisco Taveira-Pinto (Portugal, expert on coastal engineering & protection management as well as coastal networks)

The Scientific Advisory Board not only supervises project progress and outcome, but members join also selected work packages and especially case study sites during guest-scientists stays lasting up to 2 months.