Teaching Material

Lesson name Author Download Link
Day 1: Coastal issues and integrated coastal zone management
Integrated Coastal Management practice and re-analysis case studies R. Povilanskas PDF
Introduction to the Systems Approach Framework J. Støttrup PDF
Presentation of each BaltCoast project case study site    
Day 2: SAF: theory and practice
Systems Approach Framework (SAF): overview and application J. Støttrup PDF
SAF Step 1: Issue Identification J. Støttrup PDF
SAF Step 2: Systems Design & examples J. Støttrup PDF
SAF Step 3 & 4: Systems Formulation & Appraisal G. Umgiesser PDF
SAF Step 3 & 4: Systems Formulation & Appraisal: Modeling G. Umgiesser PDF
Cost–benefit analyses: theory & practice I. Gren PDF
Day 3: Case study site visits: Estonia and Latvia
Traveling to Pärnu, Estonia, BONUS BaltCoast case study area (Estonia)    
SAF study case visit: Estonia - Coastal protection in Parnu Bay    
Departure to Salacgriva (Latvia)    
SAF study case visit: Latvia - Coastal municipal governance    
Day 4: SAF application and supporting tools
SAF study case: Poland - Vistula Lagoon M. Bielecka PDF
SAF study case: Latvia - Coastal municipal governance I. Kudrenickis;
J. Kaulins
SAF Step 5: System output and critical evaluation J. Schumacher PDF
SAF study case: Lithuania - Bathing water quality and tourism J. Schumacher PDF
Stakeholder involvement and tool application J. Schumacher PDF
Sustainability indicators and tool application D. Karnauskaite PDF
Indicator Application Exercise D. Karnauskaite PDF
Day 5: SAF application and supporting tools
Study case: Poland - Nature 2000 sustainable management K. Rabski PDF
Study case: Latvia – Round Goby case management A. Urtāns PDF
Understanding of nature systems and ecosystem services assessment M. Inácio PDF
Ecosystem services assessment and tool application M. Inácio PDF

Note: all training material is available in a editable (.ppt or .doc) format on request. Contact the lecturer directly via provided e-mail (found on the first page of every presentation) for inquiries.