Coastal Management II - International Student Course 2017

On April 23rd 2017 the Institute for Baltic Sea Research (IOW) welcomed 14 students from KlaipÄ—da University (Lithuania) for two weeks of the intensive course Coastal Management II.

Coastal Management II provides a wide range of basic information and practical skills that do not require any special background. Therefore, it is suitable for all the participating students which represent KlaipÄ—da University study programs such as Biology, Ecology, Hydrology and Oceanography, Environmental Engineering, and Chemistry Engineering.

In two weeks the students gained the complex knowledge about coastal management and related topics such as coastal geography, integrated coastal management, spatial planning, sustainable development, coastal ecology, climate change adaptation, coastal erosion and protection, beach management, aquaculture and coastal fisheries, microbial water pollution, bathing water quality and Blue Flag, tourism development, culture and history.

The practical exercises as roleplays of municipality, ecosystem evaluation tool application; excursions and fieldtrips to the beaches of the Mecklenburg West Pomerania coast, helped to underline the theorical information which to be clearly understandable and applicable in a real life.

For detailed information on the course content have a look at the course schedule.