BaltCoast Stakeholders Meeting in Polish Case Study Site

A BONUS Project BaltCoast stakeholder meeting was held at Tolkmicko City Hall on 26th Oct. 2015. During the meeting IBW PAN BaltCoast team presented the scope and goals of the project with the main focus on the local issue of boosting local economy by refurbishment and expansion of harbors and waterways in Vistula Lagoon. K. Rabski from EUCC Poland presented means of development of tourism sector in the Szczecin Lagoon, aimed at sustainable development of the Szczecin Lagoon through creation of economic opportunities and jobs for local population in that sector there. The next presentation was related to the so called Żuławy Loop – a system of waterways in the Vistula Lagoon and Vistula River Delta, whose completion will largely contribute to expansion of tourist activities in the Vistula Lagoon. After that a discussion started on harbor and waterways expansion. It was summarized by distribution of BaltCoast questionnaire, where the participants assessed the current and future state of Vistula Lagoon from the perspective of four pillars of sustainable development (environmental quality, economics, social well-being and governance). The results of this questionnaire will be utilized in the BaltCoast project.

The meeting was attended by some 15 participants from key management actors, such as the Maritime Office in Gdynia, mayors of Frombork and Tolkmicko and representatives of local municipal councils, fishermen and fishermen organizations and finally businessmen seeking opportunities in the expansion of tourism sector in Vistula Lagoon and nearby waters, belonging to Żuławy Loop. 11 of them filled in the questionnaire.