34th Annual Conference ‘Geography of Seas and Coasts’ (AMK)

Time: April 21-23, 2016
Institution: Leibniz Institute for  Baltic Sea Researche (IOW).
Address: See Straße 15, Warnemünde DE-18119, Germany.
Main conference website here

AMK is a working group of the German Society for Geography and sees itself as an open forum for science, industry, politics, administration and practice. The main objectives of 34th meeting are interdisciplinary information and idea exchanges of related scientific disciplines that are especially relevant for wide public of now-a-days. The main focusing was on following topics:

  • Coastal zone management
  • Marine spatial planning and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Resource management and aquaculture
  • Coastal protection and risk management
  • Ecosystem services and indicators
  • Marine debris and water quality

Within all days of conference was an open access poster session. The main part of it took posters reflecting all 6 Case Study Sites of BONUS BaltCoast project. AMK Cnference  was hosted in IOW (Institute for Baltic Sea Reserch) as a part of BONUS BaltCoast activity.

Titles of presentations and posters with contribution to BONUS BaltCoast, please find here.