Date: Sunday - Tuesday,11-13 September 2016, Hamburg (Germany)

Venue: ESA Ost, Uni Hamburg, Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1, 20148 Hamburg


BONUS BaltCoast project has been represented within a special session at YOUMARES 7 conference. The main focus of the session was on Eutrophication: Fighting eutrophication in shallow coastal waters.

Session contained of three oral presentations:

  • Ecosystem goods and services of blue mussel mitigation cultures - by E. Nielsen
  • A quantitative tool reflecting impact of nutrient enrichment from mariculture  - by M. Grossowicz
  • Mussel cultivation for water quality improvement, case study Szcecin Lagoon - by N. Stybel

A poster presentation:

  • Mapping methods of sublittoral seagrass meadows and macroalgae: an overview - by A.B├╝hle

For more detailed information about the conference and special session, read here