Littoral 2016 "The changing littoral. Anticipation and adaptation to climate change"

Date: Monday, 24th October 2016, Biarritz (France)
Venue: Centre de Congress. Address: Place Bellevue 64200 Biarritz, France.
More information: conference website

Littoral 2016 is the 13th conference of the traditional event of the Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC). This year the main focus was on the adaptation and anticipation of coastal management and the global changes. The general concerns of this conference was based on shoreline dynamics and the biodiversity response to it, including the human impacts for coastal areas as well.

During this conference the BONUS BaltCoast project was represented very well. Given presentations mainly reflected System Approach Framework (SAF), Case Study Sites (CSS) and the Tools & Policy working packages of the project. During the official poster session, the conference participants had a possibility to learn more about each case study site.

The keynote speech for opening the conference was given by Gerald Schernewski. It has perfectly covered SAF application and its examples. To see presentation click here.