35th Annual Conference ‘Geography of Seas and Coasts’ (AMK)

Time: April 19-22, 2017
Institution: University of Kiel
Address: Wissenschaftszentrum Kiel, Fraunhoferstraße 13,  24118 Kiel, Germany
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AMK is a working group of the German Society for Geography and sees itself as an open forum for science, industry, politics, administration and practice. The main objectives of 35th meeting are interdisciplinary information and idea exchanges of related scientific disciplines that are especially relevant for wide public of now-a-days. The main focusing was on following topics:

  • Historic / Long-term Coastal Development,
  • Coastal Dynamics and Processes
  • Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, Coastal Hazards
  • Use and Protection of Coasts
  • Marine Aquaculture & Resources Use (i.e. Mussels, Algae, Fish, Beach Wrack)
  • Spatial Planning & Risk Management
  • Ecosystem Services and Indicators
  • Water Quality and Marine Litter
BONUS BaltCoast project has been represented by such topics as:
Bathing water quality along the German Baltic coast -  by G. Schernewski 
Are mussel mitigation cultures a potential nutrient retention measure? – by N. Stybel
Methodologies to support coastal management - A public participation and prference tool and it's application – by J. Schumacher
The poster represented Eco technologies in the Szcecin Lagoon by its application of system approach framework for coasts.